Mission & Values


To improve financial literacy, foster financial stability, and empower individuals.


To educate and empower individuals to achieve financial stability that will allow them to reduce debt and build wealth through education and goal setting.


At Harris Financial Coaching, we want to be the leading resource for financial education by fostering economic stability and sound financial decision-making.



I value family overall. I believe that family relationships should be honest, courageous, model patience, add value to the world, and focus on never giving up.


I find fulfillment in sharing my talents and abilities with others. Through volunteer efforts and by providing knowledge on topics that may be vague is an overall goal that I strive for while working together.


Making and keeping promises to one's self and others develops trustworthy and caring relationships. I am consistent with my actions and evaluate choices of greater value in relationship building or the greater good.


Relationships are built on mutual respect for others' thoughts and feelings. I am committed to respecting the point of view of others and their belief systems. We all have different values that make us unique, and that should be celebrated.


Trust bonds a relationship. I maintain the confidentiality of every conversation and situation in the highest regard. In every aspect, I provide feedback with sensitivity and encouragement.