Getting to the Heart of Your Financial Goal

At Harris Financial Coaching, we can reduce the confusion, pressure, and worries about your financial future to one of empowerment and independence.

Financial Coaching

Support Scrabble

Want to accelerate your financial skills? If you are ready to take a deep dive into your finances and want to rid yourself of unbearable emotional pain, weekly coaching can help you make quick decisions that educate and empower you.

Teach Scrabble

Looking for a solution that allows you to evaluate your budget at a slower pace? This plan will enable you to take the time to understand and develop positive money habits that help you accomplish your financial goals in a planned timeframe.

Dream Scrabble

Are your finances in order, but do you want to learn about other ways to save and grow your income? This plan is perfect when you need an accountability partner who keeps you on track to build wealth and reduce debt.

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The age you claim Social Security affects your lifetime income. I'll help you think through the decision. You will also learn more about employer-provided and personal retirement savings plans and options and other ways to build a more secure retirement.

Debt Management

Have you ever wondered if you should consolidate your debt? Do you want to eliminate debt from your life? There is a method to paying down debt. I will provide you with the tools and resources you need that will help you figure out your best options.


When you apply for credit, the lender will check your credit report and evaluate if they will approve your loan. If you are unsure about how your credit report looks, we can work together to consider your goals, know your score, get the good stuff going, and deal with debt.

Home Ownership

Buying a home is a significant financial decision. Whether you’re just entering the housing market or already own a home, you will receive information to help you make informed decisions.

Wealth Building

Save, Invest, and Protect. Making a habit of saving regularly, even a tiny amount, can get you on the path to achieving your goals. I'll work with you to establish a savings plan for life events and be ready for unplanned or emergency needs.


Creating a household budget will help you realize your income and expenses. Knowing how your money moves will enable you to develop specific financial goals for your future and where you can cut back.


Are you constantly having to pay back taxes, or do you receive a large tax refund? You may be underpaying or overpaying your taxes. Let's evaluate how you can maximize your tax situation by April 15th.


When you begin a new job, change jobs, or have a job loss, obtain the information you need about benefits and other changes to be prepared for the future. If you need guidance on making the next career move or building your resume, I can guide you through the process.


How much is coaching?

Coaching is an investment in yourself and your future. Several coaching plans with varying prices are available to meet your needs. Pricing specifics are discussed during your complimentary coaching call.

Do you coach in person?

Coaching is accomplished remotely over the phone, via Zoom, or Google Meet. This allows you to be as comfortable as possible in the location of your choosing in a safe, unfiltered environment. During your consultation, you can let me know what method you prefer.

Contact me to get started online. Your basic information will be submitted directly to me, and I will review the information for our scheduled appointment.

What are your credentials?

  • AFCPE - Money Management Essentials

  • Internal Revenue Service - Volunteer Income Tax Assistant

  • National Council for Behavioral Health - Mental Health First Aider