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Getting to the Heart of Your Financial Goal

At Harris Financial Coaching, we can reduce the confusion, pressure, and worries about you or your family's financial future to one of empowerment and independence. You landed on this page for a reason. Control your money, don't let it control you.

Your daughter will thank you for teaching her about finances. If you have a daughter you want to teach about money as she grows, this program is perfect for both of you. Find ways to teach her about money as she grows, so she can be confident and responsible with money even after she leaves your arms.

Annette And Destiny Harris looking at water
Three Women Talking

Talking about money with other women can make it easier to solve your money troubles. Through individual or group sessions, you can learn tricks and gain resources other women have used to manage their finances. If you've had problems in your relationship or your spouse just doesn't want to talk about money. Help is here. 

You can teach your daughter how to wash a car, change the oil, or even play football. Have you thought about teaching her how to manage her money? Challenge her to set money goals and get comfortable talking to you about money. When it's time for her to leave the nest, she will control her finances, education, and career.

Destiny and Dweise Harris
Annette Harris Glow Up Gyrl

Speaking & Workshops

Annette Harris is a financial coach for women and military veterans. She helps you improve your relationship with money so you can get and stay out of debt, save up for important goals, and feel more secure and confident about your finances.


Through her speaking engagements, workshops, and podcast interviews, Annette aims to reach even more women and military veterans from all backgrounds to provide them with the financial literacy they need to get their money right. Want Annette to come to speak at your organization, university, conference, or on your podcast?

Wealth Building Course

Are you ready to get your finances in shape but not sure where to start? Well, this is it! In under an hour, find out how to save, budget, and invest your money. It's time to make real progress toward the financial goals and future you want.

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