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6 Ways to Earn Extra Money While in the Military

Being in the military can be rewarding. Having a steady paycheck, medical and housing benefits that are provided for your service, and even tuition and scholarships for you and our family members. However, it may be challenging to make ends meet if your family size increases or you have to relocate, and suddenly there's only one income coming into the household. To help you find the best way to earn extra income while in the military, I asked career coaches and business leaders for their best advice. From getting a part-time job to working as a virtual assistant, there are several ways active-duty military servicemen and women can earn extra money.

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Earning Extra Income in the Military

Get a Part-Time Job

Most military individuals don't know they can get a part-time job. The first step is ensuring that the job does not interfere with your military duties or be a conflict of interest with the military. Then, you will need to speak with your chain of command to ensure they approve of the part-time job. The part-time job you enter should be flexible with your military schedule if you are in a military occupational specialty with weekend work or irregular hours. Today, many part-time jobs like Uber, Lyft, or Rover can be done when you are available.

- Annette Harris, Harris Financial Coaching