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What to do When Your Credit Card is Stolen

Young woman on vacation phoning the bank for credit card support
Photo by martin-dm from Getty Images

I was on vacation in Mexico and noticed that I couldn't find my credit card. I asked my husband if he had seen it, and he said no. We tore our hotel room apart looking for the card, and neither of us could locate it anywhere. So, we decided to retrace our steps and realized that the last place we saw it was at a restaurant while we were on a tour. We were devastated but decided to take action immediately to eliminate any unauthorized charges on our credit card. Here's what we did.

I Logged into the Credit Card App

I didn't have a computer nearby, so I pulled up my credit card app to see if any charges had been made. There was one that stuck out, and it occurred the same day that I lost the card. It was to a jewelry store, and the charge was over $800. Well, we didn't go to a jewelry store while we were on the tour, so this immediately set off a red flag for me. I took action immediately and called the credit card company.

Calling the Credit Card Company - Reporting Fraud

It was in the afternoon, so I couldn't get in touch with anyone. I was asked to go through a few prompts and finally got to the section where I could report that my card was used fraudulently. My card was canceled immediately, and I was notified by the recording that I would receive a new card for my authorized users and I within three to five days. The only other authorized user on my account was my daughter, so I immediately told her that she couldn't use her card any longer.