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Top 10 Must-Watch Movies About Money & Greed for Adults

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Get ready to tune in to some thrilling movies about money that will keep you on the edge of your seat. These movies about money and greed are intended for adult audiences and provide insight into the motivations behind people's financial decisions. Have you ever wondered what drives people to make the decisions they make when it comes to money? At times, it could be a decision made out of necessity and other decisions are made because of greed. Whatever the reason, these movies will teach you to be aware of the hidden agenda that some people may have when it comes to money.

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Top Ten Movies About Money and Greed for Adults

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Get ready for a thrilling ride with The Perfect Host! This movie is about a notorious career criminal named John who just completed a bank robbery and is on the run. He thinks he's found the perfect hideout to lay low until the heat dies down, but things take an unexpected turn. When you think it's all over for John, the police investigation starts to uncover hidden secrets, and John is taken down another path of deception.

The Perfect Host will keep you on the edge of your seat as you learn that things are not always what they seem. Greed, deception, and theft are at the forefront of this exciting movie, and you'll quickly realize that everyone has their own agenda when there's money involved. Are you ready to uncover the truth? Watch The Perfect Host now!

Crisis is a movie that depicts doctors who provide painkilling medication to low-income and homeless patients for profit. The cops are aware of this scheme and aid the doctors by sending patients to their offices in an attempt to catch them and reduce access to more addictive painkillers like fentanyl.

At the same time, a professor is testing a new drug that is ready for release on the market. However, when he finds inconsistencies in his results, he decides to become a whistleblower, jeopardizing his career. He must make an important decision that can impact his future and the financial position of the college he teaches at.

Crisis revolves around grief, greed, and gripping decisions in crucial situations.

In The Burial, Jeremiah O'Keefe is on the verge of losing everything he has worked for. To survive financially, he attempts to sell his business to a large corporation, but the deal falls through due to shady business practices. In steps, his attorney, Hal Dockins, who recommends that Jeremiah partner with Willie Gray, a charismatic attorney known to win multi-million dollar cases.

Jeremiah decides to enlist Willie's help in the fight for his family business against the corporate behemoth. This unlikely duo embarks on a heartwarming and humorous journey that delves into themes of corporate corruption, racial injustice, and the value of friendship.

The film fictionalizes some aspects of the 1995 court case but captures the essence of the real-life David vs. Goliath legal battle.

The Simple Life of Noah Dearborn starts simply with an image of a boy and his sick father. Then, carpenters are shown restoring the front of a building when the wood splits, and Noah comes to the rescue to repair the damage. Everyone takes bets that Noah cannot repair the damage by the deadline, and Noah amazes everyone with what he can accomplish through sheer determination.

Later that day, when Noah returns home, he's approached by an out-of-towner, Christian Nelson, who asks, "When's the last time you had a really good day?" He then offers Noah $300,000 for his property. When Noah declines the offer, he continually increases the offer to $350,000 and $400,000 within seconds. Noah continues to decline, and the Christian has the audacity to offer Noah a job to work on the property for two years if he sells it. When Noah declines again, Christian comes up with a scheme to have Noah declared mentally incompetent and enlist his girlfriend to help.

Noah's property is prime real estate, and Christian is able to get the investors to provide a higher offer than he can offer to Noah, almost double what he initially offered. This shows that Noah was low-balled on his original offer and that Christian will do whatever it takes to secure the deal, including putting his personal and professional relationships at risk. The Simple Life of Noah Dearborn shows how money influences people's decisions and how it can impact their relationships with others.

In The Wizard of Lies, Diana Henriquez interviews Bernard (Bernie) Maddof while he is in prison to get the inside truth on the Ponzi scheme he orchestrated.

December 10, 2008

Bernie decides to pay $175 million in bonuses in December instead of February because he knows his world is about to come crashing down. Before he does, he heads home to tell his family about the fake investors he created, telling his family that there should be $50 billion in investments when, in reality, there is nothing.

The next day, the FBI shows up at Bernie's house to investigate the scheme, and Bernie admits to operating it since the 1970s.

The drama unfolds as the FBI questions Bernie's family and enters Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities, where the secrecy of the 17th floor is discovered. Throughout it all, Bernie claims that his greatest problem wasn't greed…it was wanting to please people. How ironic is that?

Be careful who you trust with your hard-earned money. You never know when you'll meet the next Wizard of Lies, whose only interest is money and the resulting greed.

Inside Job reviews the global economic crisis of 2008. It seems so long ago, doesn't it? It might, but the losses were significant and still have lasting impacts today. The documentary examines Iceland's gross domestic product income of $13 billion, but losses that year added up to $100 billion. What impact do you think that had on regular citizens like you and me?

However, leading up to the crisis, Iceland's bank executives profited, and the housing market soared. KPMG audited the Icelandic banks and found nothing wrong with their tactics. Unfortunately, during the banking collapse in 2008, unemployment tripled, and the savings of many were lost, crippling the Icelandic economy. This is how Iceland was impacted and the economy of many others, including the United States.

Inside Jobs interviews many top financial executives, educators, and world leaders for their perspectives on the 2008 crisis. This includes the Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers and the collapse of AIG, which doubled the national debt and left millions unemployed. Throughout the movie, the interviewees are open and honest; others are stunned, stutter, or get angry at the interviewer's questions. You won't be disappointed in watching the drama unfold and uncovering the truth that was hidden for so long.

Feeling stuck? Like your bank account perpetually sings the ramen noodle blues? Parasite will take you on a wild ride alongside the Kims, a poor family in South Korea. A lucky break lands them jobs in a luxurious mansion, but there's a catch: their methods are as questionable as their living situation.

This dark comedy is a suspenseful look at the lengths people go to for a better life. The Kims' elaborate scheme to infiltrate the wealthy Park family keeps you on the edge of your seat, but it's their descent into greed that injects a shot of adrenaline. Parasite isn't just entertainment; it will leave you pondering the dark side of wealth and the lengths we go to survive.

What more could you want from a parasite? Parasite is disguised as a thriller that combines a tale of two families: the struggling Kims and the oblivious wealthy Parks. As the Kims climb the economic ladder, their focus shifts from financial security to insatiable greed. Parasite exposes wealth disparity and will make you laugh, think, and maybe even re-evaluate your relationship with money.

The Women of Brewster Place centers around a group of strong Black women living in a run-down building. The movie revolves around Mattie Michael, a single mother; Etta Mae Johnson, yearning for a better life; and Kiswana Browne, a middle-class woman turned activist and explores their struggles and triumphs as they navigate love, loss, poverty, and the challenges faced by Black communities.

The poverty in The Women of Brewster Place isn't just a backdrop; it's a constant force shaping the characters' lives. The once-vibrant building is now a neglected tenement, symbolizing the systemic barriers that trap its residents in poverty. Due to the poor living conditions, Mattie's son suffers a rat bite from the rat infestation. The tragedy continues, and their lives are affected again due to inadequate healthcare. Ultimately, Etta Mae has to decide how she will survive and makes a shocking decision out of sheer desperation.

They are all stuck in a cycle of low-paying jobs and have limited education and access to resources. Cora Lee, a single mother of seven, exemplifies this struggle. Despite the challenges, the women find strength in their community. They share resources, offer emotional support, and create a sense of family, even in impoverished circumstances. "The Women of Brewster's Place" doesn't shy away from the harsh realities of poverty but also emphasizes the human spirit and the power of community to overcome hardship.

The Florida Project is a movie about families living in extended-stay hotels in the Orlando, Florida, area. The kids are left to roam free as their parents scrape by in jobs that barely make ends meet. The movie takes place in the summer, and as the kids play around the hotel, a group of them are approached by a "stranger" who continues to ask them questions. Luckily, one of the hotel workers, Bobby, constantly looks out for the kids and runs him off.

Throughout the movie, the kids get into mischief, including burning down a condo in Orlando. This creates a rift between two residents, Halley and Ashley, leaving Halley to fend for herself and her daughter. As a result, Halley tries to make ends meet by selling wholesale items, which also causes issues for her, and the cops are called. The problems continue to mount, and she is eventually made to move to another room due to the tenancy laws in Florida, which establish residency after 30 days over a one-year period. You can find out more here.

The movie is filled with Moonee's mother trying to avoid DCF, frequenting hotels to find a good meal, and scamming tourists. You can tell she's disconnected and trying to do her best, but her best doesn't seem to be enough. Her attitude rubs off on her daughter, causing insurmountable problems and her inability to get ahead. Bobby tries to help as best as he can, but there's only so much he can do. The movie may bring you to tears, as not all endings are happy.

Money Monster is not your typical movie about stocks and investing. It combines humor with reality as it examines the risks of investing in the stock market. George Clooney hosts the talk show Money Monster. As the episode begins, a gunman arrives and takes Clooney hostage on live television.

The gunman is upset because he lost all of his money by investing in a stock called IBIS, and he wants answers on where the money went after Clooney advised viewers of the show that the stock was safer than the money in their savings accounts. Due to a "glitch" in the system, over $800 million of investor money was lost, and the CEO of IBIS is nowhere to be found. The people want answers, and if you've ever invested in the stock market or if you're thinking about it, Money Monster can open your eyes to a few of the realities of investing.

What to Watch Next?

If you're intrigued by the complexities of human nature and the influence of money on people's decisions, these movies about greed and deception are definitely worth watching. They serve as a powerful reminder to always be watchful of the money monsters lurking in the shadows, ready to prey on unsuspecting victims. So grab some popcorn, settle in, and prepare to be captivated by these thrilling tales of money and the dark side of human ambition.

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